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Hemp For Health was started in 2014 by Joseph Brennan.

The organization started with one mission in mind, and that was to provide only the highest quality CBD products that are available on the market. In 2016, Joe created and succeeded with Ohio’s first CBD store, The Columbus Botanical Depot, which is focused around education and top shelf products, but Joe knew his mission didn’t stop there. The success he had seen with CBD was substantial, and for many people it gave them a new way of life. He wanted to give each and every individual the opportunity to use only the highest quality products on the market, so thus, Hemp For Health was born. Hemp For Health has set forth with a mission to educate, empower and inspire people to put their health into their own hands.

When shopping with the Columbus Botanical Depot or Hemp For Health, you can trust that each product line has been lab tested, sampled, and approved by Joe personally so that you can ease your mind and know that you are getting the best, of the best.

Clean Remedies
Plus +CBD
Green Roads
CBD Living
Original Hemp
Funky Farms
Select CBD
Danodan Hempworks
HealthSmart CBD
The H. Hemp Company

Clean Remedies™ starts with a story. A story about personal tragedy of a beloved family member who committed suicide after being on big pharma anti-depressants. After that life altering moment we dedicated ourselves to formulating a product that was safe & reliable. We wanted to create a better option for our families and yours, through the power of nature. We strive to earn your trust & wish you long lasting health. Tha

nk you for being a part of the Clean Remedies™ family!


To improve the quality of life through natural hemp products and encourage a more natural way of health and wellness.


We are passionate about helping people live a healthier life through the power of nature.


To be a national leader of natural health and wellness, enabling people to live a healthier life, free from harmful drugs.

At Clean Remedies™ we use USDA CERTIFIED organic ingredients, which are free from harmful chemicals. Our products must benefit your well being and meet our high standards of efficacy. We never test on animals. We are an independent family business taking pride in helping people feel their best.


With CBD companies saturating the market, it can be difficult to find the best quality. How do we choose?
Walk in to a local health food store today and odds are, hemp CBD supplements are on the shelf. Hemp CBD is one of the hottest new products in the natural products industry today, with so many different companies coming out with different formulations, flavors, and concentrations of hemp CBD supplements. With all the misinformation out in the world, how do we know which product to choose?

Before purchasing a hemp CBD Supplement, ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Is the company transparent, ensuring full traceability From Seed to Shelf™?
  2. Does the company test each batch for cannabinoid potency in their own lab?
  3. Does the company send their products to an independent third-party lab to verify cannabinoid potency?
  4. Do the test results meet the label claim? Providing accurate MG of CBD per serving?
  5. Is the company committed to education, never oversimplifying the science?

Why PlusCBD™ Oil? Because the answer to all these questions is YES. Here are the key facts about the #1* selling hemp CBD brand:



To make the highest quality products, we believe it is imperative for a company to be involved in every step of the supply chain process. From Seed to Shelf™, PlusCBD™ Oil products are carefully manufactured with our team handling every step of the process from when the EU certified hempseeds are planted in the ground to when the final hemp CBD supplement is put on the shelf.



Our state-of-the-art laboratory follows all guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and is available for audit, making us fully transparent. All our full spectrum hemp extracts are processed, produced, and tested throughout the manufacturing process to confirm the cannabinoid content meets our standards.

We don’t stop at our in-house testing. To take another step further, our products are sent to an independent lab and then tested for cannabinoid potency and make sure there are no pesticides, molds, bacteria, residual solvents, or heavy metals. It is our commitment to be true to our label claims, ensuring all customers are getting precisely the amount of CBD as listed on our products.

To see our test results, visit our database:



At PlusCBD™ Oil, we are committed to the science. Not only PlusCBD™ Oil is the only hemp CBD supplement brand with published toxicology work to support a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) Independent Conclusion, but there is human clinical research data backing efficacy of the products as well. Currently there are three published case studies available on



Our team at PlusCBD™ Oil takes pride in the expertise gained over years of history in the natural products industry. Long before hemp CBD supplements were even on anyone’s radar, our team has been advocating for health and wellness. We continue this battle by joining essential trade organizations, such as the US Hemp Roundtable, and do everything we can to educate about this misunderstood plant with seminars and training lectures. All of this effort and our wide selection of PlusCBD™ Oil products have laid a strong foundation, leading us to be the #1* selling hemp CBD supplement in the natural products channel.

There is nothing more important than maintaining a health lifestyle for ourselves and our families. Choosing the right supplements and keeping up with a heathy diet can be challenging. On the plus side, we’ve got it all covered. Why PlusCBD™ Oil? Because you can be sure you’re getting a safe product, supported by science.

Simply put, we produce the highest quality, pharmacist-formulated CBD products on the market. Our use of pure, potent ingredients, our proprietary formulations, multi-stage third-party lab testing and QR codes linked to lab results on every package, are all part of our committment to our customers. It’s no wonder we lead the industry in transparency and are proudly sold in more than 10,000 locations.

Over the years, Green Roads has won multiple awards for our quality products and industry leadership. We have been named the #1 privately-held CBD company in the U.S. Although we love the recognition, we are far more honored by the heartfelt emails and social media posts we get from men and women all over the country who tell us that our products have changed their lives.

We consider CBD to be the most significant health and wellness story of our generation, and we are proud to help millions discover its benefits. We hope you’ll join the Green Roads family today.

Even after industry awards and accolades, Green Roads still takes the most pride in the countless stories we hear from people about how our CBD helps them live Every Day Better.

Green Roads sets the gold standard for quality and transparency in this young and evolving industry with everything we touch, from top-shelf CBD oils and delicious edibles to soothing CBD-infused topicals, or any of our products.

Our CBD starts as hemp grown on American farms that use the highest standards in their cultivation processes. The hemp then goes to extraction facilities that use cutting-edge methods to yield rich, broad-spectrum oils and isolates. To ensure purity, Green Roads tests these raw materials for heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, solvents, and more. Then our pharmacist and co-founder’s proprietary formulations turn these ingredients into products worthy of our brand. However, before any batch is permitted to hit the shelves, it’s sent to an external lab, and the results of those third-party lab tests are made available to everyone via a QR code on the packaging.

Time and time again, we’ve held ourselves to high standards and watched other CBD brands adopt our quality control methods.

Green Roads manufactures CBD to enhance the wellness of everybody who uses our products. We strive to make Every Day Better for our customers: The Stressed-out businessperson nervous before a long flight and presentation. The athlete who needs a new way to enhance his or her post-gym routine. The grandparents with aches and discomfort after taking their grandkids to the park. The entrepreneur who needs to reset with a calm moment in the middle of the day. Everyone deserves to feel like their best self.

We look forward to helping you discover what CBD can do for you.

Our team watched the global hemp industry develop by lab-testing claims on other company’s products. We saw so many gaps between what people were advertising and the level of expertise that companies were bringing to the CBD extraction process, and recognized that we had an opportunity to push the envelope on the science of CBD.

Global scientists, business minds and thought leaders have come together to form CBD Living, an international, world-class company producing CBD (cannabidiol) products far superior to any other hemp-derived CBD product on the market.

The secret to our superior products lies in our use of nanotechnology, a unique manufacturing process that reduces CBD molecules into nano-sized droplets, without the addition of emulsifiers. The nanotechnology process allows for CBD to absorb into the body more efficiently. This proprietary technology increases the efficacy of the CBD by increasing its bioavailability up to 90 percent, delivering CBD directly to the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the body’s endocannabinoid system.

First established in 2013 and headquartered in Corona, California, CBD Living has a global reach for our products through our vast distribution in stores all over the world. Our products are organically grown in Colorado at a state-licensed hemp farm and extraction facility.

CBD Living offers a vast array of products to meet different preferences and lifestyles. From CBD-infused water to capsules, soaps, bath bombs, patches, gummies and more, CBD Living brings sophistication and scientific rigor to the CBD extraction process, using our nanotechnology to deliver maximum benefit to the consumer., extractors and manufacturers are paid a fair wage above market rates. Our products are all fair trade, embracing our global values to advance employment and labor practices through the hemp CBD industry. Our products are never tested on animals.


Each  product was carefully crafted to address your unique needs. Whether that’s waking up energized, falling asleep peacefully, or getting through the day with less stress, Original Hemp was developed to give you a clear mindset, improve your well-being, and bring out the essential qualities
within you–your “best self.”


It’s our belief the future of hemp and our understanding of its effects on the body are unlimited. Our philosophy is to pair the highest quality whole plant CBD extracts with clinically studied supplements into unique doctor-formulated products which maximize cannabinoid absorption and provide next level benefits for your entire body.


Our process is simple. Go above and beyond in everything we do from ingredient sourcing to formulating, manufacturing, testing, and educating. We’re driven by the ultimate goal of bringing you the full line up of Original Hemp CBD products that will take your health journey to the next level. We seek to inspire holistic wellness by improving lives naturally. By harnessing the inherent power of cannabinoids and cutting-edge ingredients, Original Hemp was created to provide you with benefits and make natural wellness (wholeness) accessible, affordable, and transparent for all.

There are countless CBD products out there, so why choose ?

Not all CBD or CBD companies are created equal. Hemplucid has a passion for optimal health and guarantees the highest levels of safety and quality in our products. We also believe in providing lucid information about hemp to allow everyone to make educated decisions regarding their health. There are too many companies claiming that hemp can heal anything under the sun. We are not that type of company.

We are not in the business of making a quick buck. Many companies will rise and fall in an attempt to cash in on what they see as an overnight fad. Instead, we believe in the vitality of the hemp industry and we want to make sure it is around forever. As the industry changes, we promise to pass on any savings we experience to continue providing our customers with valuable information and affordable, high-quality products.

At Hemplucid, we believe transparency is key. Our CBD is derived from domestically grown hemp using the safest extraction methods to produce an ultra-refined, full-spectrum extract. You’ll not only see the difference in the presentation of our clear bottles, but you’ll also feel it. We believe in clear products, clean ingredients, and pure health.

From day one, we have been dedicated to US farmers and the integrity of the hemp plant. When other companies were going overseas to purchase hemp, we were committed to supporting the farming economy in the United States. We believe that if more US companies bought local hemp products, the doors would open to bringing back hemp as a valuable staple in the US crop economy.

Our name and logo are special to us and were designed to highlight WHY and HOW we operate. The P highlighted by the drop reminds us of our PROMISE to PRODUCE PURE PRODUCTS that help people ‘Experience Life Again’.

We believe lucidity builds a community of trust. It’s within that community we thrive. We have made a conscious choice to be LUCID in everything we do. That is why LUCID is part of our name and why the drop in our logo allows the letter P to show through the drop.

We promise we will never hide any information from our customers.

The Funky Farms family is dedicated to pushing industry standards to new heights by delivering compelling new products you won’t find anywhere else. All of our products are carefully sourced right here in the U.S. using only the finest ingredients. The result?

High quality, delicious extracts, complete with lab certifications to back it all up.

We believe natural wellness shouldn’t be taboo. Select CBD is extracted from industrial hemp, with products designed to benefit people seeking the healing benefits you’d expect from most cannabis, without the psychoactive effects of THC. Select CBD comes in Select CBD Drops, which is a tincture form, or in our Select Blends disposable vape pens for an easy and fast-acting vape experience. Experience the difference with one of Select CBD’s many proprietary blends that combines pure CBD isolate with a variety of carefully selected essential oils and herbs that work synergistically to maximize all potential benefits. Winner of the Leafly’s Best in State list for Best High CBD Product in Oregon, the Select brand is a recognized leader at the verge of the fastest growing, most exciting business in America.

Right now, consumers are being led to believe that a “pure CBD” or “pure THC” extract is synonymous with the best possible cannabis concentrate, but this isn’t necessarily the case. The plant offers so much more.

That’s why Danodan has charted a course in the opposite direction; we like the tastes, smells and therapeutic effects found naturally in the plant, and we feel no need to fabricate a false appearance just to appease a fad.

Our active-steeping process results in a glycerite tincture that can take months to yields a bright balance of flavors and effects. We want you to experience what happens when you accentuate the well-rounded characteristics found in the source botanical.

We ensure that you are getting more than THC and CBD–you’re getting a truly spectral experience of the plant’s compounds, and all of their respective and synergistic benefits.

HealthSmart CBD provides natural solutions for optimal wellness. Our terpene infused, CBD rich hemp oil products use only the highest quality full-spectrum industrial hemp distillate oil in the world.

All of our products undergo rigorous 3rd party lab testing and quality control standards to ensure a pure, natural product that contains only the best ingredients for consistent and reliable results.

H. Hemp products are a natural alternative for managing your stress, reducing mild anxiety, and relieving pain from exercise-induced inflammation. We offer great tasting MCT + full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures for daily maintenance, a breath spray for on-the-go supplementing, and a magic balm for topical use.

All of our products contain hemp oil CBD, which is derived from the cannabis plant, but is 100% legal and has NO psychoactive affect. So, you get all the benefits of CBD without feeling high.

Prescription drug overdoses are now the number one killer of Americans under the age of 50 (New York Times, 6/28/17). Many physicians are now speaking out about the overprescription and mis-prescription of pain and anxiety drugs. Honest Hemp™ is dedicated to providing products to help people naturally manage these conditions.

Products from The H. Hemp Company™ are different. Our all-natural dietary supplements provide a safe and effective way to address many issues without the risk of side effects.*

Far too many people today think that because their physician recommends a drug, or grants their request for a drug, that it must be safe — simply because it was approved by the FDA and prescribed by their doctor. In truth, most physicians are not even aware that we have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that regulates our immune, digestive and central nervous systems to achieve a state of homeostasis, or balance.

Keeping the ECS in balance is thought to be one of the most important keys to long-term health. In fact, in the 90s researchers discovered that when the ECS is out of balance, a wide variety of neurological conditions and responses can occur. They also observed that plant-based Phytocannabinoids (like those found in our products) fit like “keys” into our ECS receptor “locks” to restore homeostasis and allow our body’s natural defense systems to help restore health.

This ECS functionality is why hemp oil high in cannabinoids and CBD is so effective and comprehensive in its reported benefits to health and wellness. From managing mild anxiety to alleviating pain from exercise induced inflammation, the central nervous system (brain) is primarily responsible for how we handle painful and stressful situations.

Not only do most doctors not understand the ECS or its role in health and wellness, most aren’t aware that the US Department of Health and Human Services has a patent on the cannabinoids found in products from Honest Hemp as “neuroprotectants and antioxidants.” (Patent #6630507.) Our own government has researched and patented the benefits of high CBD hemp oils for our BRAINS – which is where anxiety and pain start!

There can be a better and safer alternative to opioids and anti-anxiety drugs for many: cannabinoid based products.

Each individual’s cannabinoid deficiency can manifest itself differently based on each of our unique genetics and environmental stresses. So while hemp products won’t work miracles for everyone, our products provide a safe and natural alternative for many, without side effects.