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Funky Farms Crystal Resistant Distillate Cartridge | 600mg

Funky Farms Crystal Resistant Distillate Cartridge | 600mg


Funky Farms’ Crystal Resistant Distillate Reserve Line is the best natural CBD vape extract in the industry. Compatible with any 510-thread cartridge battery, Funky Farms Broad Spectrum Distillate  comes from a US-grown farm and lab. 

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • 600mg Cartridge
  • 510 Thread Battery Compatible
  • Must be 21+

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Blue Dream, Fire OG, Granddaddy Purple, Natural, Pineapple Express

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Blue Dream

Enjoy the benefits of hemp and CBD offered by the best natural vape extract in the industry. Funky Farms’ Reserve Line Blue Dream CRD Vape Cartridge delivers pure hemp goodness in high quality and well-designed cartridges made to improve your vaping experience. The Blue Dream terpenes deliver a flavor much sought after in the cannabis industry, giving the THC-Free CBD extract in the cartridge an authentic cannabis feel in experience and benefits. Obtained from the legendary sativa-dominant hybrid – Blue Dream, the terpenes infused in this cartridge deliver a rich earthy aroma with sweet berry undertones offering an authentic cannabis experience. Its effects include a soothing, energizing, and creative lift without the sedating effects. This makes the Funky Farms Blue Dream CRD Cartridge an excellent option for day time use. Even better, the cartridge contents won’t get you high. So you don’t have to worry about intoxication, using it in the workplace, or even positive drug tests.

Fire OG

Formulated with scientific precision, this cartridge is one of the most effective in the industry. Delivering the right ratio of cannabinoids to ensure you get as many benefits as you can. Funky Farms Fire OG CRD Cartridge is full of fresh citrus fruits and earthy goodness that will have your senses relaxed. Fire OG starts out uplifting – firing you up for the day; it then eases into a calm, serene feeling that leaves your mind and body at ease. This makes it an all-around cartridge that can be used at any time of the day! Your body requires refreshment all day; with this Fire OG CRD cartridge, you can enjoy the benefits round the clock.  The cartridge doesn’t stop there. Fire OG is formulated with no fillers or cutting agents. No junk, all funk!

Granddaddy Purple

The Granddaddy Purple CRD cartridge is infused with natural terpenes which provide the tantalizing grape and berry aroma mixed with floral and earthy undertones giving you the blissful authentic cannabis experience every time you take a hit. You can now enjoy this strong terpene profile and aroma combined with CBD’s therapeutic and calming effects. The Funky Farms Granddaddy Purple provides the best of both worlds.


This Natural CRD Vape from Funky Farms comes ready to use right off the box. You don’t have to do anything else to prepare it. This Natural product is all hemp and terpenes only goodness, with no cutting agents and no fillers – it’s no Junk, all funk. It’s perfect for use on the go as it is ready to use.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express CRD is known for its aroma and long-lasting, energizing lift that is excellent for productive afternoons and creative energy. The Funky Farms Pineapple Express CBD cartridge also gives users a soothing feeling combined with a relaxing vibe which makes it perfect for unwinding after a long day.  The cartridge contains broad-spectrum hemp extract to provide all the hemp plant and CBD benefits. It comes in a CCELL ceramic cartridge compatible with 510 thread batteries.


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Blue Dream, Fire OG, Granddaddy Purple, Natural, Pineapple Express


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